Sistemic Ltd. and Cynata Therapeutics Limited

Sistemic Ltd. and Cynata Therapeutics Limited (ASX:CYP) announced today that they have entered into an agreement which will see Sistemic use its novel SistemQC™ miRNA technology platforms, together with its extensive internal databases of cellular products to develop an in-process assessment assay for Cynata’s unique Cymerus™ Cell Therapy (CT) products.

This follows an extensive period of feasibility assessment where Cynata evaluated the Sistemic technology portfolio and approach.

The development of CT products represents a major breakthrough in the potential to treat a wide range of diseases which are currently untreatable. Nevertheless, the sector has many challenges, not least in terms of standardisation and scale-up. The combination of Sistemic’s predictive miRNA technology, with the standardised and highly scalable technology from Cynata, presents a potential winning combination and paves the way for rapid industrialisation of a wide range of CT products which could revolutionise the way a wide range of diseases are treated.

Full release available here